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Exploring the Challenges Faced by Oralee,
a Blind Child in the Great Depression
Rainbow of Hope
Rainbow of Hope

The Journey of Oralee

Follow the inspiring journey of thirteen-year-old Oralee, a brave blind orphan girl, as she navigates the challenges of homelessness during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years in Oklahoma. Witness her unwavering courage and determination to keep her young family together and find a place they can call home.

A Heart-Warming, Inspiring Journey

Christian Historical Fantasy

About the Book

Experience the power of love and fierce family bonds as Oralee and her brothers fight against those who would separate them.

Immerse yourself in this moving tale of resilience and a young blind girl's insistence on learning to see in ways that others do not.

Be there as the children navigate the challenges of living in a dusty tent while caring for one another. Will they escape their Aunt's evil scheme? Can Oralee keep the children out of the orphanage?

Has Oralee found a new, and mystical way of seeing her world?

Sometimes a home
And let's not forget

Mary's Blog explores the inspiration behind Mary Baidenmann's heartfelt novel. Explore the personal experiences and historical events that influenced the creation of the story of Oralee and her journey through adversity. Gain insights into the author's writing process and the message she hopes to convey through her work.

Mary and her sister Betty
riding Old Monkey

About Mary Baidenmann

Mary Baidenmann brings to life the inspiring story of Oralee, a young blind orphan girl facing enormous odds against her as she learns to see in new ways that seem like magic.

Through her writing, Mary captures the power of love and determination that sustains Oralee against all odds.

A Story of Courage and Determination
A Story of Love and Hope
A Story About Learning to See