About Mary Baidenmann

I started my storytelling career before my cousins and I graduated first grade. They were my first customers.

In the dark and dusty attic, I told scary stories that terrified my audience. I felt such power! (I was the only kid with a flashlight.)

My cousins came down with nightmares. Their mom called my mom. Thus, my first royalties came in the form of a time-out chair in the think-about-what-you’ve-done corner. I bailed myself out of jail with the promise never to tell those stories again. However, I landed right back in that corner uncountable times.

Oralee’s light is my tribute to my mother who, along with her siblings, experienced an extremely difficult childhood. Although fiction, Oralee’s Light tells some of the young family’s trials.

Much later in life, my magazine articles featured in Business Opportunities Magazine. And as Field Editor, I wrote feature stories for Lost Treasures, Treasure Facts, and Treasure Cache Magazines.

My cousins and I still laugh about those ghost-story times.

Leaves you wondering if there is a serious side to me. Well keep looking. I inherited a very spiritual side from my mom. More books are on the way and I hope she stays by my side while I explore new ways of seeing life.

CAPTIVATING Storyteller and Writer: Unveiling History's Hidden Gems


Thoughts from the pages of Oralee's Light

Love is the driving force that keeps Oralee and her siblings together, providing them with strength and support during their journey.


Oralee's unwavering determination fuels her fight to find a home for her family, never giving up despite the challenges they face.


In the face of adversity, Oralee exhibits immense courage, bravely navigating the hardships of homelessness and the Great Depression.